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In a corner of the 10th dark and without apparent charm, a village soul radiates around the Church of St. Vincent de Paul. Rue de Belzunce, Thierry Breton has created his bistro empire to the glory of his native Brittany. At number 10, Chez Michel regale in a rustic-authentic setting, a thousand places of fashion in the capital. Here we are immersed in the province, on the side of the Breton side in this trawler urban all wooded, where we fish a bistronomy of soil without flourishes, as at the beginnings of this one. Crab cake with buckwheat cakes, scallop tartare with green apples, wild rare Tranquil abalone, garlic and parsley, and even the Kig Ha Farz, the typical Breton pot made from beef cheek and veal shank . For sweet mooring, it's kouign amann my captain, the best of the city.

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